This device, designed to be used in dentistry surgery and implantology, gives the surgeon a series of facilities in all the advanced bone augmentation procedures such as sinus lift and split crest as well as in the rootsimplants and impacted teeth extraction.

Magnetic Mallet can be fully equipped thanks to the wide range of instruments designed for specific clinical applications and which can be ordered on demand. This range of instruments extends the possibilities to perform surgical procedures in daily surgical practice.

Among them, the PLUS Handpiece, exploiting increased forces, allows the surgeon to easily extract impacted teeth and heavily fixed roots.


Moreover, thanks to the Crown Remover Handpiece, Magnetic Mallet becomes an essential device able to remove crown and bridges, reducing to the minimum all the risks connected to the practice and making the surgery safer and more comfortable.


Finally, the whole range of instruments – osteotomes, blades, expanders, extractors and inserters – are provided in order to perform any surgical procedure in total safety.