The Magnetic Mallet exploits an electro-magnetic impact between two masses, electronically operated by the control unit, thus allowing to get a high intensity impact applied in a very short timing able to get the plastic deformation of the bone.

Meta Ergonomica designed a magneto-dynamical handpiece delivering preconceived forces by timing of application; that way the state of art practice is highly improved. Those forces are applied on the tip of osteotome, firmly hooked up to the handpiece, with the best timing in order to achieve the desired plastic deformation.

The Magnetic Mallet is designed to apply 4 forces of different strength, from the lighter one (force number 1) to the stronger one (force number 4).
Nevertheless, the whole spectrum of the forces has a very close progressive range that’s why all forces can be considered suitable for surgery practice. It’s entirely up to the surgeon to determine the more suitable force to be applied according to the operation he wants to carry out.

The PLUS handpiece, designed for teeth extraction, develops higher forces that will be the most appropriate in this type of surgery.

The Crown Remover handpiece, designed for crowns and bridges extraction, operates on the same principle as a standard handpiece, but in reverse. The delivered forces will ensure a successful outcome, minimizing the problems related to the applied technique.

The specific instruments delivered with the device have been designed to be used in the different practices guaranteeing a complete set of instruments suitable for every kind of surgery.

For all the conditions of use we suggest you to download the Instructions for Use Manual, available on the section Download of this site.