Which are the advantages using Magnetic Mallet?


Avoid that applied forces influence the whole craniofacial mass.
Thus, the surgery is less invasive and you can prevent the displacement of the otoliths in the inner ear, which can cause BPPV symptoms. A possible by-product of manual technique.


Get a better visibility and control in osteotome entry direction and directionality.
Thanks to the possibility of using just one hand you will have a higher control during the surgery and the angle of insertion of the implant will be facilitated.
Using Magnetic Mallet the surgeon can avoid all sort of deviation in osteotomes directionality, usually caused by the difference in the density of the different parts of the bone.


Simplify the bone augmentation procedures such as sinus lift and split crest.
The special cutters supplied with the devices are made for these practices improvement and easing.


Guarantee the initial implant stability and limit or avoid bone milling.
Using Magnetic Mallet you will avoid bone mass consumption so that you can get an immediate implant stability. Just using osteotomes in sequence of diameters you will be able to create a site for the implant.


Avoid the split crest practice with cadwell luc.
That way you will do a less invasive and less traumatic surgery getting a 50% reduced recovery path. Moreover, where you can have the immediate implant insertion, the recovery will be reached in a 90% faster time.


Get a better access to the inner part of maxilla and to the lower jaw.

The axial double-bended version of the instruments (supplied with the Magnetic Mallet on request) has been expressly designed for this kind of surgery.

Moreover, using the handpiece PLUS lower jaw ridge expansion could be now available, simple and effective.


A faster, and a less painful surgery for the patient.
Both during and after the operation. You will also avoid tissue heating.


Easily insert the titanium implant.
Thanks to our innovative implant housing (supplied with the Magnetic Mallet in standard supply. The implant housing is an indent in which you can position the titanium implant and then coming along with its insertion. The subsequent screwing on will be greatly helped.


Get an easier and riskless abutment, impacted teeth and roots extraction.
It will be enough to use the specific instruments, among which the extractors, designed for this application.


Get a substantial reduction in all the difficulties connected to the crown and bridges removal.
For this kind of surgery we designed a specific handpiece, acting in reverse mode, which exploits an extractive pulse.