In ancient Greek μετά means “beyond”; that’s why we used this adverb in our Company name: Meta Ergonomica, namely behind the ergonomics.
In fact Meta Ergonomica aim is to create top level and ergonomically designed devices.
Ergonomics deals with the interaction between the elements of a system and their end use, namely the interaction between individuals and technologies. At Meta Ergonomica we optimize this interaction focusing on safety, suppleness and ease of use.

Research and development are the mainstays of our activity and we are always forward-looking through an inter-disciplinary approach. An evolution originating in research and development and thus becoming a revolution : in short a R-Evolution.

We always start considering the user’s demand and the functional need; then we develop a project which goes through the study of shape, size, materials and applied technology. Finally, the resulting project has to meet at most the ergonomics which is necessary to improve working standards.

Meta Ergonomica was established in 2010 as an evolution of the developed know-how and its ultimate purpose is to design ergonomic devices for medical.

Thus, it originates Magnetic Mallet, a revolutionary surgical device bringing the innovation to the heart of dentistry surgical technique; this project, in time, will originate new projects addressed to all these fields in which the state of the art concerning surgery on bone tissues can be improved, becoming easier for the surgeon and less invasive for the patient.



Thanks to the collaboration with a brain trust, Meta Ergonomica‘s commitment is to supply the surgeon with the most innovative range of devices capable of overcoming surgery practice discomfort. That way a less invasive and faster technique facilitates the surgeon and guarantees a higher comfort to the patient.

Meta Ergonomica main objectives are supporting the surgeon in his practice and at the same time limiting the discomfort for patient. Then increasing overall performances and offering a meaningful renewal to the state of the art in all surgery techniques.